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Q1: What is augmented reality?

A1: Augmented reality has been around for quite a while. Using your tablet or smartphone, the app overlays a 3D model, a video or image over a trigger image or scene that you view through the device camera.

Q2: Do I have to print out the pack in colour?

A2: No, the pack will work in black and white and has been tested down to a 3rd level photocopy (a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy) although results will vary based on the quality of your photocopier and printer.

Q3: Will the trigger images only work as a printout?

A4: You can use the trigger images in any way you like. Let the children use them in their work or use them in your own worksheets. The trigger images will also work from a screen. If you have a SMART table (or similar device) try viewing the Temple of inscriptions as a huge model! Be aware that screens are shiny and any reflections can sometimes disrupt the trigger image and therefore disrupt the augmented reality event.

Q4: What tablet will the app run on?

A5: The app runs on iOS and Android. Follow this link to download the app and see what devices are compatible. This site is also optimised for mobile devices.

Q6: Should I laminate the pack?

A7: We don't recommend laminating the pack. It will work but reflections can cause issues and prevent the augmented reality object appearing.

Q7: Are there restrictions on using the pack?

A8: We want you to enjoy using these materials and to have the flexibility to copy, cut up and use in any way you like (we'd love to hear what you do with it). We just ask that you respect our licence arrangements and not share them outside your school.

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