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What we do today, the way we act, our traditions, our beliefs, our entire civilization, are all the result of what happened in the past—a very long and complicated chain of human events, achievements and even failures that happened over millions of years. By trying to understand our past, we can sometimes understand more about what we are like today.


Throughout all the worksheets you will see artefacts which demonstrate how to correctly pronounce certain Maya words, including names, places and objects. This first sheet includes a clip demonstrating how to say "Maya". It's a simple enough word but you might be surprised how many people say it incorrectly!

This sheet also includes a 3D model of a Maya bowl, discovered by our very own archaeologist in residence, Dr. Diane Davies. Tapping the pieces will show the bowl in its original form.


A short audio clip demonstrating the correct way to pronounce "Maya".

Maya Audio

Maya Bowl

This ARtefact, a 3D model of a Maya bowl, will animate when tapped to show the original form of the bowl.

Maya Bowl

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